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Nylon Balls

Polyamide is a crystalline thermoplastic plastics, known for nylon, at the same time as a pioneer of synthetic fibers, is history even old plastic as a plastics material. Today, as industrial materials, abbreviated as PA polyamide based on chemical name has been widespread, and a general term for those containing amido groups in the molecule (NHCO), even if the number of carbon atoms attached to an amide group door to, nylon-6, nylon-66, nylon-11, a variety of polyamide, such as nylon-12 have been supplied to the market.

Nylon There are a variety of things due to the difference in the composition and structure in (polyamide), but I am with the following characteristics.

It has excellent heat resistance and low-temperature characteristics

It has excellent wear resistance

It has a low coefficient of friction

It has excellent self-lubricating

Oil, and is excellent in solvent resistance

It is a self-extinguishing

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