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Polyacetal balls

Polyacetal, among the various types of engineering plastics, in particular it is characterized by good balance of physical properties. In highly crystalline plastic, it called an alias with polyoxymethylene. Also, polyacetal By opening that the developed target "plastic with characteristics that may be substituted for metal" basic idea of the engineering plastic as referred to today, since it is equipped with a characteristic that exceeds the common sense of conventional plastics , there are still episodes that attracted worldwide attention.

Polyacetals in addition to the friction and friction characteristics, as self-lubricating property, in addition to the engineering plastic, except the fluorocarbon resin has a not seen such a specific feature, close to the metallic properties as described earlier you have.

It has excellent synthesis and mechanical strength

It has excellent fatigue resistance

Friction coefficient is small, I excellent wear resistance

It has excellent dimensional stability Oil, and is excellent in chemical resistance

Usable temperature range is wide (-40 ~ + 150 ℃)

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