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Polypropylene balls

Original debut of polypropylene, it is centered on the container or goods, and were limited to use as a so-called mass consumption type of resin. However, subsequent manufacturing technology, improvement of properties by advances such as processing technology have been made, and at the same time there is a general-purpose plastics today, position as engineering plastics has become a thing of immobility. Since it is excellent in lightweight properties, mechanical properties, heat resistance and workability, use as a structural material, such as automobile parts and consumer electronics has grown steadily. Another important reason for polypropylene applications is growing, and the ease of recycling, you like that there is no occurrence of toxic gas can be mentioned at the time of disposal, particularly incineration.

The most significant characteristic of polypropylene, among the main plastic, there is the most specific gravity is small, yet it is a good balance of mechanical properties.

Specific gravity (float on water)

Compared such as polyethylene, and excellent heat resistance

It is a non-hygroscopic

It has excellent chemical resistance

It has excellent workability

There is no occurrence of toxic gas during combustion

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