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The impact of airsoft bb filling calcium carbonate ratio on price

Due to the weight of 0.2g , only a small amount of calcium carbonate powder can be added to the raw materials of airsoft BB . Excessive addition will cause weight changes and fail to meet customer requirements. 0.2gBB bombs generally add calcium carbonate at a ratio of about 20%. Therefore, the cost of 0.2gBB bombs is about 15% higher than that of 0.25gBB bombs. Most people think that the cost of 0.2g airsoft BB and 0.25gBB bombs will be about the same, mainly because the price of plastic materials is considered, because the cost of plastic materials is fixed, so It is believed that the cost of the same weight of 0.25g airsoft BB and 0.20g airsoft BB will be the same, and the proportion of 0.25gBB bomb in actual production is about 15% higher than that of 0.2g, and the production is more difficult, so the BB bomb changes with the weight. Production costs are constantly changing.

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