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Fluorescent Plastic BB Shot Manufacturing Technology-Taiwan

Fluorescent plastic airsoft BB bullets, as the name suggests, are fluorescent plastic airsoft BB  that can only be seen under very low light, also called luminous airsoft BB. The fluorescent plastic BB bullets can emit light only after absorbing external light, not by themselves. Luminescence, when the plastic fluorescent airsoft BB is heard, the production method is basically the same as that of ordinary plastic BB bomb. The difference is that a certain proportion of phosphor powder must be added when producing raw materials. The addition ratio will be higher than that of ordinary fluorescent plastic products. High, because a high proportion of calcium carbonate powder has been added to the fluorescent plastic BB bomb, this part of calcium carbonate powder will cover a part of the phosphor to emit light, with the same proportion of fluorescent plastic products, the fluorescent plastic BB bomb will only emit weak Light does not achieve the desired effect. In order to achieve the same luminous degree as ordinary fluorescent plastic products, it needs about 50% higher than the normal addition ratio of fluorescent powder to enter, which is also the main reason for the high price of fluorescent plastic BB balls.

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