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Plastic airsoft bb Range and Strength Test Method

The distance of the plastic airsoft bb process is very important for selecting the airsoft bb size. In addition, the strength test is also an important factor in selecting the airsoft bb size. How to use a simple method to detect the range and intensity of the airsoft bb? The method is to use a BB gun to shoot a 20 If a target made of a cardboard other than the meter can be hit and does not deviate from the bull's eye, it means that the BB gun can have a shooting range of 20 meters, and the target of the cardboard can be placed at a position of 30 meters. If it can still hit the target, And will not deviate from the bulls-eye, then you can put the target made of cardboard at a position of 50 meters, if the position of 50 meters can hit and does not deviate from the bull's-eye, indicating that the impact force of this BB gun is large enough to meet the general CS Field development requirements. This kind of BB gun can choose to use airsoft bb

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