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Can airsoft bb penetrate the beverage can?

  In fact, as a personal player, it is impossible to have too specialized equipment to detect these data. Most players use the easy way to test the strength of airsoft bb. That is to use a beverage can for testing. The premise must be aluminum alloy material. First, put an empty beverage can, 20 meters away, and then use the airsoft bb gun to aim at the can to shoot. If the airsoft bb can penetrate a can of beverage cans, it means that the strength of the airsoft bb gun is an entry line. The intensity is not high. If a layer of beverage cans is not worn, it can only indicate that the airsoft bb guns are suitable for children's toy guns. If the airsoft bb fired by the airsoft bb guns penetrate the two layers of the beverage cans, Explain that this gun is CS-level and can be used as a field expansion CS game. If two cans are placed, the airsoft bb gun passes through a three-layer beverage can, indicating that the gun is the most commonly used airsoft bb gun by CS. If a airsoft bbgun can penetrate a four-layer beverage can, then such a airsoft bb gun is a high-grade airsoft bb gun equipped with enthusiast players.

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