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Plastic airsoft bb ball Quality Testing Method

    The standard specification of the plastic airsfot bb ball  is 5.95±0.01mm. The detection method is measured with a thousand centroids. Generally, the three sides of the  plastic airsfot bb ball are measured. The maximum value is the upper tolerance, and the minimum value is the lower tolerance, if the upper difference is greater than 5.96mm, the lower tolerance is less than 5.54mm, it shows that the precision of the  plastic airsfot bb ball is not enough, is a secondary product, the appearance of the plastic airsfot bb ball is mainly used visual inspection method, you can use the magnifying glass to identify, mainly to see the surface brightness is not enough, Whether there is a batch wind and parting line on the top, the inner bubble detection method of the plastic airsfot bb ball can only be accomplished with the use of a cutting pliers. Cut the entire plastic airsfot bb ball from the middle with a pliers to see if there is any air bubbles inside. This detection method can only be random sampling, because once the plastic airsfot bb ball is cut, the plastic airsfot bb ball can no longer be used, generally sampling tens of PCS, if there is no bubble in the middle of a plastic airsfot bb ball, The  plastic airsfot bb ball is qualified and belongs to the high-quality bubble-free  plastic airsfot bb ball

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