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The relationship between airsoft bb and CS firing accuracy

If you understand the relationship between the the airsof bb  projectile and the CS shooting accuracy, you will deepen your understanding of the CS game. First of all, you must first understand the properties of the various the airsof bbs:

When it comes to shooting accuracy, we must first understand BB guns. All BB guns use a uniform standard of 5.95mm the airsof bb . The same size of the airsof bb  is divided by weight and there are many kinds of bundles, 0.12g-0.43g, because of the manufacturer's Different, the airsof bb  diameter tolerance is also slightly different, due to the airsof bb  shell diameter tolerance, weight difference, the middle of the pore, surface finish and other factors, the combination of these factors is the best product is the best the airsof bb .

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