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Plastic ball size tolerance standard production process

First, the size of the hollow ball PA tolerance standard is GB205-2018-5, tolerance set international standard specification, plastic ball temperature change diameter tolerance range, PA hollow ball polishing time influence on the surface finish specifications, batch diameter tolerance range,. The international practice of nylon hollow ball can be divided into G0 nylon hollow ball, G1 nylon hollow ball, G2 nylon hollow ball, G3 nylon hollow ball, G4-level nylon hollow ball.

Class 0 nylon hollow ball diameter tolerance standard is 0.001mm, batch roundness 0.0025mm.

Grade 1 nylon hollow ball diameter tolerance standard is 0.002mm, batch roundness 0.0035mm.

Grade 2 nylon hollow ball diameter tolerance standard is 0.003mm, batch roundness 0.0045mm. .

The class 30 nylon hollow ball diameter tolerance limit standard is 0.001mm, and the batch roundness is 0.0025mm.

Grade 4 plastic ball dimensional tolerance standard is a diameter tolerance of 0.381mm.

Second, nylon hollow plastic ball production process

1. A spherical embryo of a hollow plastic ball is molded by injection molding or blow molding.

2. Clear the nozzle of the hollow plastic ball.

3. Roughly grind the hollow plastic ball, put the globular blank into the grinding disc matched with the blank size, upper and lower two concentric annular grooves with triangular cross-section, and add the oil and coarse abrasive; Rotate, lower grinding plate does not move. The above ball mill is called rough grinding machine. According to need, there can be many ways to roughen.

4. Grind the hollow plastic ball, put the rough-grinded blank into the fine grinding machine, add the fine abrasive, and grind it to the standard size.

5, hollow plastic ball cleaning.

6, appearance, size selection, and use a micrometer to measure the roundness of hollow plastic ball, batch diameter variation and the surface roughness tester to detect the surface roughness as a final inspection.

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