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5.95mm0.28g airsoft bb (environmental airsoft bb)

    When you use a 0.25g airsoft bb that does not meet your expected shooting distance, but when 0.30g airsoft bb is not available, 0.28g airsoft bb is your ideal choice, and the use of 0.28g BB guns should be powered by compression hollows. CS airsoft bb guns, because the motor as a power BB gun, the relative power will be smaller, only for the BB bomb between 0.20g-0.25g, if you use the BB bomb more than 0.28g, the service life of the gun will have a great The impact of the company's independently developed Dragon Ball 0.28gBB bomb, with high precision, smooth surface, no air pocket features, thus ensuring the accuracy and speed of shooting, and shooting will not deviate from the target due to wind factors, select the Dragon Ball airsoft bb bomb gives you full CS sports enjoyment, welcome to use Dragon Ball airsoft bb.

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