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airsoft bb The feature of are using generally "0.2g"?

We explained the airsoft bb of the kind, but the difference is also on the "weight".

By the weight of the airsoft bb, flying distance and hit precision, ballistic, initial velocity, the impact is different for you when you hit. Before choosing a BB bullet, you must have the weight always grasp.

Main types of weight is, it has been broken into two kinds of "0.2g" "0.25g".

0.2g is a general airsoft bb, is the type you are using a lot of people.

airsoft bb of 0.2g, all has become to the extent "average".

Flight distance and hit precision, ballistic initial velocity, hit the shock is all the time, "average",'s the "normal".

Sabage beginner, please check because the airsoft bb of 0.2g is recommended.

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