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ariaoft bb It seems to take a long time to weathering.

1. ariaoft bb material

In choosing a  ariaoft bb, the most important is the material.

If there is a bio-bullets specified in the outdoor field, it does not always happens without the use of a bio-bullets.

 ariaoft bb of material is also a wide variety, it seems there is a know-how for each manufacturer. When it is a typical thing

Barium sulfate

Specific gravity is high, scientifically very stable and not from the property that does not dissolve in water, has been used as a long time BB bullet of material.

It seems in particular harm is not to the environment, is degraded from its very stable nature difficult

It seems to take a long time to weathering.

- Stone dust

It is listed in the even in Semibaio  ariaoft bb of material notation, or any stone in the concrete powder thing is unknown.

Not used alone, be used in combination with the resin of the "tether" seems most.

· PLA (polylactic acid)

Is also a biodegradable material, it is a BB bullet that by using the PLA as a main component.

PLA is susceptible to degradation by moisture state (low molecular weight), it will be broken down into the final water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms.

Specific gravity can also be a hard, relatively heavier, the bio-bullet said to perfect material, but it is somewhat expensive.

The good bullet up in the rigid features.

· PP (polypropylene) PE (polyethylene)

Both are typical resin in the injection molding, there is a feature to say the cost is excellent in low moldability.

Mainly additive is added to provide a biodegradable, but will be used as a low-cost bio-bullets of material

High ariaoft bb of frictional resistance, is often some of the flame in the bullet up and ballistic.

· Urea resin

With a thermosetting resin which is cured with the application of heat, hard and characterized by dimensional change is small at the time of molding.

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