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airsoft bb roundness and surface finish of numerical

airsoft bb bore: Dragon Ball airsoft bb with high number identification method, using radio number 12 / 500mm perfect high standards to calibrate the instrument correction, ensure the BB is a good shot trajectory, and not by the interference of external factors.

airsoft bb roundness: airsoft bb inferior due to the absence of a high precision and roundness, will plug up your BB gun barrel, and inferior BB surface is not smooth, a number of wind and burr, intensified BB gun barrel wear, Dragon Ball airsoft bb use of advanced production technology and production, unique polishing process to ensure every grain of BB balls are high precision, smooth surface, let every customer is very satisfied with our products,

airsoft bb polishing technology: unlike other BB manufacturers of production technology, the company's production of the BB ball all the pure plastic raw materials to produce Dragonball airsoft bb, inferior BB manufacturer BB raw materials is by the nozzle material production, quality can not be guaranteed, and not environmental protection, polishing technology is backward, the company developed the eddy current BB ball polishing machine, in the domestic first can make BB surface is bright and clean degree in more than 28 degrees, the glass to reach the finish, with Longzhu BB can let the airsoft bb gun from any damage.

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