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Elastic airsoft bb production process

Production process and general elastic airsoft bb bb is basically the same, there is a difference between airsoft bb mold, due to the different plastic material shrinkage is different, so the size of the common mold cavity and elastic bb bb are different, generally ordinary mould airsoft bb relatively good manufacturing, because ordinary BB material is ABS plastic shrink. What is the actual rate, shrinkage rate can be calculated and BB, BB is soft elastic production, greater flexibility, the same set of mold injection molding machine due to elastic BB pressure and speed is also cooling time is influenced by the size and precision of elastic airsoft bb, so elastic mold needs a BB have experience in the company can be produced, Dongguan Jiaji plastic products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of airsoft bb products have 10 years of experience, the production. In addition to the sales force of airsoft bb China market, but also exported to Europe and other western countries, and is widely praised by the customers.

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