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Dongguan Jiaji Plastic Product Co., Ltd.

  Dongguan JiaJi Technology Co., Ltd. is the production of plastic products plastic balls, plastic balls,  Airsoft BBs of professional manufacturers, professional production of various specifications, all kinds of material plastic balls, plastic balls, Airsoft BBs,The company has imported a complete set of plastic balls, Airsoft BBs production and testing equipment, the company has a sound production management system to ensure product quality and maintain the leading position in the industry, the company Own-brand "Dragon Ball" Airsoft BBs have been exported to many countries and regions, well received by many domestic and foreign CS enthusiasts respected and praise the company of "quality first, integrity first, mutual Mutual benefit and common development "principle, welcome customers to visit to discuss cooperation!

Manufacturing Management


  Dongguan Jia Technology Plastic Products Co., Ltd. since its inception, has been a professional manufacturer of manufacturing all kinds of material plastic balls and airsoft bbs, while direct sales Sale and service to our customers around the world as the goal, over the years we uphold the principle of fully meet customer demand, continuously in quality and sales services The strive for perfection, since its establishment, good technical plastic sustained robust growth robust, only the former factory total area of over 10,000 square meters, monthly plastic Ball and airsoft BB shells and other products production was 100 tons, to implement a comprehensive quality assurance concepts and provide customer perfect products, plastic has good skills

                      We have achieved ISO9001 and TS16949 international certification.

plastic ball Technology and Development

In order to cope with the ever-changing market competition, Geji Plastics is constantly striving to bet on the development of new Airsoft BB production technology and new product Airsoft BB. Our technical department constantly develops new Airsoft BB manufacturing and Airsoft BB test equipment according to the company's future development direction. Committed to meeting the needs of different industries, and constantly innovating processes and products, especially for Airsoft BB products, we have developed the best surface polishing technology, which has improved the quality of our Airsoft BB to the best level in the entire Airsoft BB industry , High-quality products of high-precision Airsoft BB, Airsoft BB without air bubble in the middle. A better corporate culture is to make good skills to maintain competitiveness and growth momentum.

Customer Service

We are committed to developing high-quality airsoft bbs products. We can produce high precision and high gloss airsfot bbs at a suitable price. We can meet the needs of different customers for Airsoft BB products, can provide customers with more price-competitive Airsoft BB products, and are committed to providing customers with friendly and efficient services. Committed to quality and excellence. Welcome to inquire about new products. We like to explore new materials and procedures to help you stay ahead of the competition. We realize-when you succeed, we succeed.

Contact Us

DongGuan jia ji plastic product co.,Ltd  

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