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  • Made in China 6mm airsoft bb, high precision, no bubbles, enjoy preferential pri Made in China 6mm airsoft bb, high precision, no bubbles, enjoy preferential pri

    Dongguan Jiaji Plastic Product Co., Ltd

    Airsoft BB professional manufacturers, initially specialized in manufacturing precision plastic balls and plastic hollow balls, with the vigorous development of the global toy industry, the company developed and began to Airsoft bb production. Airsoft bb  from raw materials, injection molding, grinding, packaging, all using advanced processing machinery production, annual production of hundreds of tons of Airsoft bb  products, sales all over the world. Airsoft bb  series children's toy Airsoft bb  from 0.12g to high density 0.32g and precision Airsoft bb  specifications, the company also provides custom processing services, from design, production and packaging. Our Airsoft bb  product quality is absolutely worth your dependence.

    In order to better let customers experience our high-quality products, our company provides free samples and free express sample service to customers with purchase intention.

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  • airsoft bb specification model, high precision, high gloss airsoft bb, seamless, airsoft bb specification model, high precision, high gloss airsoft bb, seamless,

    0.20.jpg  0.23.jpg  0.25.jpg

          0.20g airsoft bb                     0.23g airsoft bb                  0.25g airsoft bb


    0.28.jpg  0.30.jpg  0.32.jpg

           0.28g arisoft bb                      0.30g airsoft bb                       0.32g airsoft bb


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  • pepperball china pepperball china

    PepperBall was originally made in Taiwan. The projectile is a patented chemical stimulant that has proven to be more effective at greater distances, providing protection and versatility in any situation. PepperBall projectiles are available in round and VXR versions, and can work at almost any temperature from 150 feet away, with an area saturation of up to 50 meters. Each projectile is carefully designed to protect you in the real world, so you can be confident that you have the tools you need to do your job effectively and get home safely. Our pepper balls are manufactured using the latest technology (not ultrasonic technology) for use in the market). After being ground by a bearing steel ball grinder, high precision can be achieved. Our pepper balls will not deform and can be stored for more than three years at room temperature. .

    In addition to producing pepper balls, we also produce police and military training balls. In addition, we can also produce paint marker bullets. Pepper training balls can be made into powder and liquid. The specifications are 0.43 inches, 0.50 inches and 0.68 inches.

  • airsoft bbs airsoft bbs

      Current domestic production of plastic ball and the Airsoft BB manufacturing processes and equipment are similar, but in the ability to control yield, precision is very different,In order to improve the precision of the Airsoft BB, finish, while a substantial increase in production efficiency, good technical plastic since the construction have continued to seek a breakthrough in manufacturing and technology, in addition to The accuracy of the product outside, stability, quality also continued to improve manufacturing enterprise goals, good technical plastic on every process has strict monitoring and foolproof measures Shi, but also the quality of the management system for scientific division of labor, the production process to minimize the defective rate, in order to achieve customer satisfaction with the product quality, customerSatisfaction is the best technology of plastic each employee goal.

  • 6mm airsoft bbs taiwan 6mm airsoft bbs taiwan

    6mm 0.20g Airsoft BB's (Regular or Biodegradable)

     0.20g airsoft BB's are the most commonly used because of there performance, 0.20g Airsoft BBs are the ideal choice for spring weapons. They are the lightest suggested weight for gas and electric weapons and are best suited for close to mid-range shooting.


    The use of dragon ball Precision 0.20g Airsoft BB's is recommended on AEG (automatic electric guns with springs from standard to M120 

    Perfect for use also on high quality sping guns and gas guns.

    Guaranteed quality!! 8 processes, 10 times spot-check, and 17 times of high polished!!

    Perfect sphere shape presents. The diameter tolerance is controlled within 5.95mm +/-0.01mm. Particularly developed polishing treatment and recipes keep bullets not only reach target easily without earlier falling but also prevent from trajectory jamming perfectly.


    Seamless precision.

    Excellent ammunition with less deviation for airsoft gun.

    Ultra slick, or double Seal Package, tactical high grade.

    Multi-Polish to prevent jamming

    ABS/ Secret Formula material, Accurate without jamming, less smash than others

    Perfect sphere shaped, diameter tolerance truly reaches the word highest standard of 5.95mm+/-0.01mm.

    Although there are various weights for Airsoft BBs, the four most common types you will see are 0.12g, 0.2g, 0.25g, and 0.3g. A few things you should note: the lighter the BB, the higher your velocity or FPS. The heavier the Airsoft BB, the more accurate and less affected it is by wind resistance. This means your BB will actually travel further than a lighter Airsoft BB, even though the lighter Airsoft BB will have a higher velocity. The general rule is to shoot the heaviest Airsoft BB your gun works with.

  • airsoft bb grinding machine airsoft bb grinding machine

    airsoft bb grinding machine working principle analysis

    There are three types of machines for BB shell grinding: airsoft bb coarse grinding machine, airsoft bb grinding ball machine, airsoft bb grinding machine

    1.airsoft bb coarse grinding machine is a simple machine to remove batch wind and burrs of airsoft bb blanks, in order to ensure that the airsoft bb grinding ball machine will not be burred by the airsoft bb blank ball into the grinding wheel of the grinding ball machine, if it enters the burrs in the grinding wheel. The airsoft bb will be squeezed, and then the grinding wheel grinding wheel will wear the blank into an ellipse, resulting in uneven airsoft bb blank surface, which affects the accuracy of the airsoft bb and the subsequent polishing effect.

    2.airsoft bb grinding ball machine grinds the airsoft bb that has gone through a burr to a diameter of about 6mm, but the accuracy does not reach the accuracy required by airsoft bb. The accuracy required by BB is 5.95mm plus or minus 0.01, and the airsoft bb ball grinding machine grinds the ball. The ball machine accessories have high precision requirements. The upper grinding plate must be machined into a triangular groove with a depth of 6.5mm deep using precision lathes. The tolerance cannot exceed 2mm. The grinding wheel of the lower grinding plate must be machined with a special grinding wheel machine to produce grooves. Accuracy also requires a tolerance of about 2mm,

    3.airsoft bb grinding machine is the final precision machining of the airsoft bb after the grinding machine, the grinding machine on the grinding board is a good grinding board and then plated alloy, this grinding disc is high precision, and wear-resistant, under The same metal plate of the grinding plate is electroplated. The BB refiner requires workers to constantly adjust the machine and check the size. The airsoft bb grinding machine is equally important as the worker's technology.

  • Bio airsoft bbs Bio airsoft bbs

        Ever once in a while we have used the money. Regardless of the real gun and airsoft gun, it is because I have to cherish the hit accuracy. Disengage aiming is due to their lack of technology. When you remove the target, not technical capabilities grow the cause of the failure to have converted to cancer and bullet. Therefore even in Jitsuju also Airsoft in we have to choose the bullet that hit accuracy.

  • Bio airsoft bbs Bio airsoft bbs

      Biodegradable material of BB bullet: made of a material and mineral components derived from plants friendly to the global environment, it is BB bullet that does not use any raw materials of petroleum-based. By microorganisms in water and soil, because it is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide after the surface of the earth fall, making it suitable for use in outdoor field.

  • Bio airsoft bbs Bio airsoft bbs

        dragon ball BB bullet (from above) 0.2g, 0.25g, 0.28g, 0,3g bullets one by 10 shots each, shooting from a distance of 7m. The intended left column has actually shot, respectively, to reproduce the landing a yellow ? seal right to increase the visibility. 0.3g, not only 0.28g bullets, grouping up to 0.25g bullets is smaller than the black circle. Finest BB bullets and equivalent performance of a certain famous maker. Although 0.2g bullets than the weight bullet grouping is large, but the grouping applied to the black circle. Impact point by the weight of the BB bullet is different, but both exhibit a high hit accuracy. Attention 0.25g bullet. Almost the same grouping as the weight bullets. 0.2g also hit than any BB bullets up to this.

  • airsoft bb materials commonly used material statistics airsoft bb materials commonly used material statistics

    Plastic airsoft bb special filling barium sulfate powder

    Barium sulphate has high specific gravity, chemical stability, and is insoluble in water. Therefore, many manufacturers have long been used as airsoft bbmaterials. Generally, barium sulfate is used to increase airsoft bb. Strontium sulphate is an ore powder, which has no pollution to the environment and the price is low. By filling the airsoft bb, in addition to increasing the weight, the surface finish of the airsoft bb is also sufficiently improved.

    Plastic airsoft bb special calcium carbonate

    Calcium carbonate is the most commonly used filler in the plastics industry. It is inexpensive and can improve the physical properties of plastics. Therefore, its use is very extensive. Calcium carbonate is mainly added to increase the weight and surface finish because calcium carbonate is very fine and plastic is added. The voids in the plastic can be fully filled in the airsoft bb, so that the airsoft bb produced is exceptionally smooth, so the good airsoft bb is filled with calcium carbonate.

    Biodegradable airsoft bb material PLA (polylactic acid)

    PLA (polylactic acid) as a naturally degradable plastic is widely used in the plastics industry. As a consumable, airsoft bb is also a disposable product. It cannot be recycled and reused. If airsoft bb cannot be degraded, leaving it in the soil will cause With large environmental pollution, the time for complete degradation may be several decades. However, the time for natural degradation of airsoft bb produced by PLA (polylactic acid) can be shortened to several months. Therefore, PLA is widely promoted abroad. Lactate) BB, PLA (polylactic acid) generates water and carbon dioxide after degradation, and there will be no residual pollutants. With the environmental protection consciousness and policies and regulations, PLA will become more and more popular.

    It is also a biodegradable material that uses PLA as its main component airsoft bb.

    PP (polypropylene) PE (polyethylene) airsoft bb

    The most significant advantages of PP and PE are the low price and easy control of the production process. The production of BB by adding calcium carbonate or barium sulphate has a cost advantage in terms of price, but the disadvantage of this airsoft bb is that the hardness is not enough, and the surface finish is slightly In some cases, only 

    PP (polypropylene) PE (polyethylene) airsoft bb products produced by large-scale airsoft bbfactories are of higher quality. The basic reason is that the production facilities of the small factories are simple, which simplifies many production processes and results in inferior quality of airsoft bb produced by small factories. Can not meet the requirements of high-end customers.

  • airsoft bbs airsoft bbs

    Ultra-sphericity: a high-precision machining with steel bearing manufacturing method is adopted, and to achieve a diameter 5.95mm (within error plus or minus 10 microns), individual differences of the bullet also greatly reduced.

    Straightness UP: with special materials and unique manufacturing process, improve the specific gravity balance of BB bullet. We are pursuing the accuracy and stability of aim points to the limit.

    Precision shooting competitions to perfect: widely supported if until precision shooting from the survival game. Among 0.28BB pursue distance and straightness of airsoft gun as a precision shooting only. If hop-up equipped model, and has the aim performance even in the absence of downwind 50 meters depending on the skill.

  • airsoft bbs airsoft bbs

    A leading manufacturer for professional airsoft BBs in china. With nearly 6 years experiences, we develop major series for BBs,Eco series, Bio degradable series and fluorescent series. The 6mm High Precision Airsoft BB diameter & tolerance+/- 0.01mm Range of the BB is from 0.20g to 0.32g.Especially, the Bio degradable series BBs are our main focus products in market. Also the component of bio degradable was based Eco-friendly materials. (PLA)We are looking forwarder to hearing from you.

    Product?eco airsoft bb ,bio airsoft bb,airsoft bbs,bio airsoft bb,Bio degradable airsoft bb

  • airsoft bb Reasons for the generation of air holes airsoft bb Reasons for the generation of  air holes

    airsoft bb Reasons for the generation of air holes

     Since airsoft bb is an opaque plastic BB ball, there is no air hole in the middle, and it cannot be seen in appearance. However, the airsoft bb with a stomata in the middle has a great influence on the accuracy of shooting. Now the detection of the air hole in the airsoft bb is based on sampling. airsoft bb cut from the middle of the pliers, you can clearly see there are no pores, and the location of the pores, pore formation for the following reasons:

    1.airsoft bb mould reason: Due to the unreasonable design of the mold runner, when the airsoft bb blank billet is molded, the air in the cavity is too late to be discharged outside the mold, and this part of the air hole will be trapped in the airsoft bb blank shell to form the air hole.

    2. Reasons for airsoft bb material: In the production process o fairsoft bb, the BB granulator is a strip-brick water-cooling method to make airsoft bb material. If it stays in the water for too long, airsoft bb material will absorb too much water in the airsoft bb injection molding. During molding, this part of water will turn into water vapor and cannot be discharged to the outside of the mold. This part of the water vapor will remain in the blank of the airsoft bb blank to form pores.

    3.BB forming speed reasons: airsoft bb injection molding, if the firing speed is too fast, the cavity within the climate too late to die out of the mold, the formation of trapped gas, this part of the climate will remain in the BB blank bomb inside the formation of air holes.

    4. Reasons for high injection molding temperature: When the airsoft bb is injected, the temperature of the injection molding machine is set too high, causing the BB raw material to flow too high. When the injection molding, the natural firing rate will be very fast. When the airsoft bb plastic material is as fast as water Inflow mold, naturally there will be a part of the climate outside the mold, the formation of air holes, and airsoft bb material flows into the mold, the surface cooling, but the airsoft bb rough ball is still softened in the middle, the existing climate can not be evenly dispersed throughout the airsoft bbblank bomb , can only exist in a position in the middle of the airsoft bb blank bomb, forming a blowhole.

  • airsoft bb taiwan airsoft bb taiwan

    Airsoft BB Weight

    Airsoft BBs come in a few standard weights. The most common weights are 0.12 gram and 0.20 gram BBs. Other common weights are 0.25 gram, 0.28 gram, 0.30 gram, and up to 0.40 gram BBs. The weight of the airsoft BB affects how much force is needed to propel the BB out of the airsoft gun and direct its flight path after the BB is fired.

    Lighter airsoft BBs, like 0.12 gram BBs, are usually designed for closer range targets. They are typically used in spring powered airsoft guns which fire them at about 250 FPS. These BBs are hollow internally and are the most accurate at close ranges. They are not recommended for use in airsoft guns with higher FPS because they can shatter causing damage to the airsoft gun and are almost completely ineffective and inaccurate at longer ranges.

    Mid-range airsoft BB weights, like 0.20 gram to 0.28 gram BBs, are the "middle of the road" for airsoft BBs. These BBs have the widest use range because they are light enough to be used in airsoft guns with lower FPS at close range and strong enough to be used in airsoft guns with higher FPS at longer ranges. However, their flight paths are not as stable as heavier BBs for extreme long range usage.

    Heavier airsoft BBs, like 0.30 gram to 0.40 gram BBs, are designed for the highest flight stability and longest range. They are most often used in high powered AEGS and airsoft sniper rifles. More force is needed to fire these heavier BBs, and they are more stable and accurate during flight because of it.

  • Top Airsoft, Paintball, BB & Shooting Games Top Airsoft, Paintball, BB & Shooting Games

    Dragon Ball 0.25g Airsoft BB is a precision 6mm plastic BB from China, highly polished and seamless BB, used for 6mm airsoft and airsoft pistols. Their ball bearing quality accuracy makes the flight path more accurate and consistent. Dragon Ball Airsoft BB is packed in a 1 kg resealable bag. We recommend our Valken M4 magazine-style BB Speed Loader together with Infinity BB for use when loading medium-sized magazines.

  • Degradable plastic ball production process: Degradable plastic ball production process:

    From 0.20 g 2000 lb vat to 25 kg Box o’Bulldogs, you can firmly bite the air gun with Bulldog BB ammunition in various sizes and quantities. Aerodynamic and cost-effective, you will know when you hit your opponent with Dragon Ball, because you will hear a hoarse voice! The Dragon Ball cartridge is like a guard dog-one, sit where you want it, don’t worry anymore, because your BB weapon will always be provided with high-quality ammunition that can defeat any opponent. Dragon Ball is a Chinese company and one of the largest BB pellet suppliers in China, which means you can guarantee the highest quality. These BB shells have been tried and tested, so you will always only get the best-a perfect sphere that flies like an eagle, rather than a mass that deforms to support the rifle.

  • A brief introduction to airsoft bb A brief introduction to airsoft bb

    Airsoft bb is a plastic ball used for the firing of pneumatic toy guns and electric toy guns. The most commonly used specification is 5.95mm. The material is steel balls are plated with copper or galvanized. Airsoft bb is usually a copper or galvanized steel ball. The material used for the plastic materials Airsoft bb and Airsoft bb is different from that of the shooting gun. The firing accuracy is also very different. The plastic Airsoft bb will be faster due to the lighter initial velocity, but it will be easily deflected by the air resistance. The initial velocity of Airsoft bb is slower, but it is less affected by air resistance and the accuracy will be higher. The modern process of producing plastic Airsoft bb is filled with weight-increasing stone powder, making the weight of the Airsoft bb bullet into a variety of freely selectable BBs. The user can select Airsoft bb according to the needs of his own gun, and the plastic Airsoft bb will break after hitting the target. Cracking does not cause harm to people. Therefore, the plastic Airsoft bb shell gradually replaces the metal BB. The disadvantage of the ordinary plastic Airsoft bb is that it is not easily decomposed. The residual Airsoft bb after field shooting will cause soil pollution, and now there is a kind of biodegradable plastic. The manufactured Airsoft bb completely solves the problem of environmental pollution. The material of this Airsoft bb is processed by PLA. Degradation of Airsoft bb in the soil takes more than three months and can be completely decomposed by bacteria in the soil to generate carbon dioxide and water. There is no pollution to the environment, so now the general foreign Airsoft bb market is being replaced by a degradable Airsoft bb.

  • 0.12g bio airsoft bbs 0.12g bio airsoft bbs

    0.12g Bio airsoft bb s professional manufacturer,Our most premium heavy weight 6mm BB ever: the Deathzone .12gram green bio-neutral airsoft BB. You only get 40 BBs per bag, so make them count. These are the best sniper grade BBs you can get. We recommend them for single-shot, bolt action airsoft sniper rifles due to their high cost and heft.  It's literally like shooting industrial grade diamonds out of your airsoft gun.  Ultra-polished white for perfect spherical smoothness.

  • How to choose airsoft bb How to choose airsoft bb

    This time, I will talk about one of the indispensable things in survival games and shooting, airsoft bbs.

    Various airsfot bbs are on sale, and some people may be wondering "Which one should I choose?" I would like to mention some things that I consider when choosing, so I hope you find it helpful.

    The airsoft bbs that are normally used are 6mm in diameter.

    Before we talk, there is only one premise.

    There are "6mm" and "8mm" in the size of airsoft bbs, but this time I will focus on only "6mm".

    Why "6mm"?

    The field where 8mm airsoft bbs can be used is limited.

    Most of the air guns on sale are compatible with 6mm airsoft bbs.

    There are few air guns that can use 8mm airsoft bbs.

    There are various criteria for choosing a airsoft bb, such as the quality of the ball, the price per shot, and the compatibility with your own air gun.

    However, no matter how good a airsoft bb is brought in, it is meaningless unless it can be used in the field.

    In that case, you can buy it in the field, but it is not always sold, so I would like to prepare in advance.

    1. Choose whether the field you go to play is outdoors (outdoors) or indoors (indoors)

    For the outdoors (outdoors)

    Most outdoor fields only allow the use of "Bio airsoft bbs", so please select "Bio airsoft bbs" with "BIO" or "Biodegradation" on the package.

    "Bio airsoft bbs" are taken into consideration for nature because they are decomposed into soil.

    However, although I haven't seen it much these days, there are many fields that cannot be used due to the fact that it is called "semi-bio", so be careful.

    ・ Indoor (indoor)

    There are many fields where you can use BB bullets (non-bio airsoft bbs) other than bio BB bullets indoors compared to outdoors.

    Since the indoor floor is an artificial object such as concrete, it will not be decomposed by bio-airsoft bb.

    In my case, I use bio airsoft bbs outdoors and non-bio airsoft bbs indoors.

    Comparing the price per shot, bio BB bullets are more expensive, so I use non-bio airsoft bbs indoors.

    If you don't go indoors much, you don't have to worry too much.

     2. Choose by the weight of the airsoft bbs

    There are various weights of airsoft bbs. 0.12g, 0.2g, 0.25g, 0.28g, 0.3g and so on.

    So which one should I choose? However, we recommend "0.2g" or "0.25g".

    ・ Characteristics of weight 0.2g


    There are almost no fields that cannot be used, and they can be used anywherThe initial velocity is faster than heavy airsoft bbs.

    Since the impact is small compared to heavy airsoft bbs, it is a little kind to the opponent.


    It is less stable because it is more susceptible to wind than heavy ammunition.

    Since the impact is smaller than that of heavy bullets, it is difficult to pull out the bush.

    ・ Characteristics of weight 0.25g


    It is more stable than light bullets because it is less susceptible to wind.

    Since the impact is larger than that of a light bullet, it is easy to pull out the bush.


    It is often not available in indoor fields.

    The initial velocity is slow compared to light bullets.

    The impact is greater than a light bullet, so it's a little unfriendly to the opponent.

    I have both, and I use "0.25g" for the rifle and "0.2g" for the hand gun outdoors, and "0.2g" for the indoors.

    Outdoors, only "0.25g" is fine, but since the scene where the handgun is used is a short distance, it is set to "0.2g" in consideration of the other party.

    3. Select by field regulation

    Each field has a regulation that may specify the manufacturer.

    I have not seen the regulations (rules) of all fields, but when I look at the regulations (rules) of some fields in the Kanto area and the Kansai area, there are many fields in the Kanto area that are OK for any manufacturer, Kansai It seems that there are many places where the fields of the area specify the manufacturers that can be used.

    You may not be able to use your own airsoft bbs, so it is recommended that you check the regulations of the field you are going to in advance.

    4. Summary

    I live in the Kansai area and often depend on field-specific regulations regarding materials, weight, and manufacturers.

    If you change the manufacturer for each field, it will not be kind to your wallet, so we emphasize that it can be used in many fields.

    I'll list the ones I use a lot for reference, so if you're not sure which one to choose !?

  • The safety and use method of high quality air gun BB The safety and use method of high quality air gun BB

    Airsoft BBs ammunition

    High-quality Airsoft BBs are an important part of air guns. We provide 6 mm plastic Airsoft BB for different types of air guns to meet the needs of different air guns for air guns of various weights.

    Airsoft BBs Projectile

    As everyone knows, a good airsoft BB is the basis of an exciting shooting experience. This is the reason why we should choose a good airsoft BB. We need to pay attention to several aspects when choosing an airsoft BB: The first is quality. A good quality Airsoft BB may improve your shooting accuracy, so the Airsoft BB manufacturing plant has a complete production process to produce high-precision, high-standard Airsoft BB products. In addition, the use of high-quality air gun bbs can protect your air gun from It will damage and your air gun has a longer service life, while the low quality and cheap Airsoft BB will shorten the service life of your air gun and bring you an unpleasant gaming experience.

    We can provide customers with several sizes and weights of Airsoft BB. When you choose an Airsoft BB that matches your air gun, you will have a better and more enjoyable gaming experience. In addition, the quality of the biological Airsoft BB will generally be better. The national material is made of PLA material, which is more environmentally friendly and safer. , It will not cause pollution to the environment, and the biological Airsoft BB is not easy to break, it just deforms after shooting and does not produce dust, so the biological Airsoft BB is a safer guarantee. When choosing air gun ammunition, you can check the imitation manufacturing The type of marbles recommended by the supplier. This information should be supplemented by knowledge from portals dedicated to air guns and our own gaming experience. Due to the large number of products, it may be important to test several different types of airsoft ammunition from different manufacturers. In addition, the air gun ammunition recommended by other players may not be used in your replica, or may not satisfy your taste for some reason. When choosing a Airsoft BB, you also need to pay attention to other issues, such as the color or type of the Airsoft BB-due to other characteristics, such as material or biodegradability. Brighter Airsoft BBs will be more noticeable. For example, green or brown Airsoft BBs will make your game more realistic because they are harder to see. No matter which Airsoft BByou choose, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offers in our shop, where you can find airsoft ammunition from the best manufacturers in the world.

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